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If you’re a lover of romance novels regardless of the genre then this the site you should go to. They always have giveaways where you can win copies of romance novels, almost of them are e-books. Get news about up-coming releases. And even post messages to your favorite romance author.


My anthology of 100 Flash Fictions entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” is up for nominations for “TRR Readers’ Choice Awards – Winter 2015” and I’d love your assistance in having it nominated. Please scroll down to the second category mark ANTHOLOGY and vote for my book.

THANKS for your kind support and have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families !!! :-) :-) :-)


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If you're missing reading my book reviews here, then you need to follow me at either


I now have over 170 book reviews on these sights.

Hope to see you there.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families !!!  :-) :-) :-)


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This is precisely what I'm asking myself regarding my maintaining a blog here on

For almost a year I've received hardly any replies or comments to the 87 book reviews I've posted. If I could get even a handful of comments regarding them, I would be a HAPPY CAMPER.

What hurts me the most is that I haven't received any remarks regarding what I've been going through with the condition of  my dear OH.

So I've decided to stop posting entries to this blog if I don't hear anything from any of my followers here.

With sincere regards

Robin Leigh Morgan 


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With the posting of my last book review I’ve hit a milestone in my 2nd second career as a Book Reviewer which I began only 10 months ago. I’ve now 150 reviews listed on Amazon, with 96% of my reviews being deemed helpful; and a Ranking of 7,756.


I wish my other second career as an author, could be just as successful. The first novel I wrote is a sweet MG/YA Paranormal Romance novel entitled, "I Kissed a Ghost" which currently has currently has a decent average of 4.1 STARS based on 22 Reviews

My second book is a collection of 100 Flash Fictions I’ve written, with the vast majority of them consisting of only five sentences. The book is entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” and it has so far received two wonderful 5 STAR reviews.

I currently have two WIPs in the process of being written, with both of them about 85% - 90% completed.

The first is an adult Contemporary Romance with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline which is entitled,

“His Darkest Secret.” The second is a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well” and is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel which has a romance has a backstory.

I’m also in the process of compiling a second volume for my Micro Fiction Anthology. I wouldn’t have these two careers in addition to being a blogger, etc. if not for you my followers. So THANKS for being here.

Love and Hugs

Robin Leigh Morgan



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Somehow I believe this past July 4th will mark the beginning of my independence from the chaotic existence I’ve had to endure since my dear OH had first gone into the hospital.


With the nurse having come on Friday approving the PT at home and the social worker who came yesterday [7/6/15] I will now get the specialist we need to eliminate/reduce the medication which has caused the conditions my dear OH has been suffering from.


Having no backlog of books to read will now allow me at long last to return to my writing endeavors, but before I do I’ll need to re-read everything I’ve already written to refresh my memory and to edit things on the way. One of things I’m going to do is to increase the level of romance I’ve got between the two main characters of my MG/YA Urban Fantasy I’m writing entitled “The Secret of the Well;” which is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.”


My Amazon Review Ranking is now below 8,000, I guess it must be due the kind of reviews I’ve been writing.







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It’s summertime a time when we as adults take time off from work to enjoy a rest and spend time with our families. It’s a time children look forwards to each year so they can play and have fun with their friends, as well as a time when parents can give them a good book to read.

As a Book Reviewer I’ve already reviewed over 135 books from a variety of genres ranging from picture books to erotic romances, I’ve even reviewed a book which pornographic in nature.

I would to invite you to check out the books I’ve reviewed so far; perhaps one of my reviews might turn out to be helpful in you selecting a book for you, as a gift for a friend, your child or another young child in your family.

Here’s the direct link to my reviews:

Have a GREAT WEEKEND with your family !!! :-) :-) :-)



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I’m giving away 25 KINDLE copies of my second book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology.” The giveaway ends on May 28, 2015 @ 5:15 PM –ET [New York time] and is open in the US and UK.

Here’s the link:

Once there hit Control-F [find] and type in my name ROBIN to get quickly to my book and hit ENTER.

From 12:00 AM [GMT/PT] ON May 24th until May 30th @ 11:00 PM [GMT/PT] I’m offering the book as a KINDLE Countdown for 99 cents / 99 pence.

Would love for you to check out the reviews

US: http://www.amaz.comon/dp/B00QH15K4M




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Since becoming a Book Reviewer I've enjoy last August I've enjoyed reading/reviewing approximately 115 books; I currently have 123 book reviews listed me on Amazon, and since the sales of my two books are relatively slow I've decided to place my writing endeavors temporary on the back burner.


I'd love hearing from you guys regarding my book reviews and would like to know a little more of what you think of them? So please leave your comments and I'll be happy to reply to them. And if anyone really likes any of my reviews, I would appreciate it if you could be kind enough to answer YES at the end of the review on Amazon.


I'd would also like to invite everyone to check out my updated biography on Amazon as well as my two books

THANKS for being here and for your kind support. Have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families !!!  :-) :-) :-) 



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Lately, being a relatively good Book Reviewer, my Amazon Reviewer Ranking is 16,926 the last time I looked, I’m being asked more and more to review someone’s book. And each time I am I direct that individual to one of my blog site to read the entry I posted regarding it. I posted my selection on this blog on October 29, 2014.

In this post I’d stated I only review those books I’ve won from the giveaways I entered on the internet, such as Rafflecopters by authors, giveaways on, etc. Lately, I’ve started to enter the giveaways on I prefer to read REAL BOOKS, especially when they’ve been signed.

When I’m not reading/reviewing any of these books, as I stated in the entry about my selection process, I select a book which has been written by someone in the internet support group I belong to. So far this year I’ve already read/reviewed 6 books out of the 16 I’ve posted reviews for from this site; and the reviews for these books have been

2015-001 / 2015-003 / 2015-006 / 2015-009 / 2015-010

and 2015-013.

If anyone is interest in possibly getting your book[s] reviewed by me or one of the other 600+ members here is the link to Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules.

If, after checking this site out you decide to join please mention my name.






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On January 15th I'd celebrated another birthday. I'm not telling my age but I'm life since I've retired and I'm enjoying my two second careers that of a Book Reviewer and that of an author/writer.


My career as a Book Reviewer my current is moving ahead quite nicely; my Amazon Reviewer Ranking is 19,672 which will hopefully increase, as more and more readers are finding my reviews helpful in determining whether or not they should buy a certain book.


On my birthday, my career as a Flash Fiction writer received a BIG shot in the arm. My entry in the 2014 Short Fiction Writers Guild's Flash Fiction Contest won third place.

This is GREAT as my second book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” contains 100 Flash Fictions in which a majority consists of only FIVE SENTENCES, and the longest one less than 390 words


I was also named author/member of the week at a very supportive internet site, “Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules. You’re invited to check it out at If you decide to join - - Please mention my name.


I really wanted to start posting my reviews at the beginning of this week, but it looks like I’ll be doing it sometime later today. And at this time this means I’ll be posting 8 reviews today which I hope you’ll enjoy reading.