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As I stated yesterday I would be providing regular updates on the writing of my second romance novel.

Help today I've done considrably than I had first anticipated. To start with the entire morning got spent going to an orthopedist regarding the trigger finger I had in the pinky of my left hand.  It's an annoying condition where the first joint first sticks then quickly snaps into the correct position.  The treatment a quick injection of Cortizone right into the base of the tendon for the finger involved in the palm after the area has been sanitized with an iodined [?] solution and then numbed by using a spray which "freezes" the area.

Anyway, by the time I got home and ate my lunch it was already 1:00 PM [ET] when I began to write.  And by around 4:00 PM I had completed another chapter consisting of five single-spaced 6"x9" formatted pages with about 1,400 words.


Manuscript Count now stands at:

Chapters = 15

Pages = 103

Words = Approximately  30,050 


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After no real movement occurring in regards to writing my second romance novel for several weeks; today I feel substantial progress has finally been made.  In one day, today, I've been able to write an entire chapter consisting of four formatted pages [6" x 9"], and almost 1,100 words.

Since it has been like a dam had block my creativity all this time, and like a dam springing a leak, I feel I'll be able to make substantial gains each day, for the next few days.  I'll do a quick post each day detailing the progresss I've made. 


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I know it’s been nine days since my last post, but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy marketing it especially since being surprised when my book appeared on Amazon as soon as I’d approved its release, instead of the several days I’d been originally advised.

The link to my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel is

The novel is also available on

I’ve visited a few times already, however I haven’t looked at the sales ranking yet; and I’m not going to until after New Year’s Day, Wednesday, January 2nd after lunch. I want to see know well my initial marketing efforts have done. Before I began to write this entry, I checked the number of “LIKES” I’ve received so far every day around this time, and at last count I’ve received 21. Hopefully, this will, when I check my sales ranking on Wednesday it will show a “decent” figure.

Since my last post I’ve also returned to writing my next novel, and have only written one additional chapter, and the word count so far stands at approximately 21,500.

The only thing different in the way I’m writing this novel is I’m formatting each page as I write, and what I get is a page resembling an actual page out of the book it. My goal each day I write is to type two such pages each day I write. I’d like to be finished writing the first draft by the end of April, before I begin the re-reads and editing.

Thanks for being with me as I made my maiden journey to authordom and continuing on to its marketing. I’d like to do blog interviews and perhaps a guest blog somewhere.

Lastly, I’d to invite everyone to follow me on



Wishing all my followers and your families a VERY Happy New Year



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Things are happening at an unbelievable rate now. No sooner did I post my previous entry than my doorbell rang. UPS was there with the PROOF COPY of my book in hand. Needless to say I had been totally surprised as the item must have been shipped so fast that the tracking information didn’t have a chance to appear on my account.

The excitement didn’t stop there, I called CreateSpace to advise them I’m ready to release the book, they walked me through the finalization steps for the book to appear on my e-store so I can sell the book more directly; and the instant I pressed “publish my book” it was there. At this point, I had been advised it would take a few days for the information I entered for my e-store to cross over to

From the moment I typed the first word of my manuscript until the moment my finger typed the final period, the experience can best be described as being on a roller coaster--an experience which I wrote about on website/blog and duplicate on my three other blog sites.

So with this my dream of becoming an author has finally been fulfilled, because my debut novel, a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance, entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” has at long last been finally released.

You might say my day couldn’t get any better, but, it did…WHY? Because, when for curiosity sake I decided to check for my book, it was already there, available for everyone to purchase and enjoy. [Naturally, I couldn’t believe this, so I called, and became ecstatic when I got inform my book is indeed LIVE.

My book is currently available on Amazon at


It will also be available shortly for





For those who live in any other country you’ll have to use the Amazon site you normally use to ordering your books. I expect to have the Kindle edition available in a few weeks which will increase the distribution area to those countries that can get Amazon kindle for their geographic area.

If anyone is interested in having a better idea of what my book is about, and to read a little of it, I’ve posted several UNEDITED SNIPPETS here on my blog, under the category of GHOSTLY WHISPERS.



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The best laid plan of mice/ know how it goes. I had some unforeseen problems before I could give my approval and be able to get the PROOF COPY of my debut novel. Right now it has been shipped and as I as I receive it, barring any problems, I can give my final approval and have it released.

What this means is now I've got to finish devising the marketing plan for my book, and to begin putting some of the ideas into action.

Hopefully this afternoon, after a quick re-read of my second novel, this time it's a still untitled adult Contemporary romance with a paranormal back story connected to it.



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This afternoon I gave my approval for the cover of my book, and the set up for the text on the back; which means I should be receiving a PROOF COPY of my book in about five days.

Once I give my approval after receiving it, the long awaited release of my debut novel should take place about three days later on

When it does, I'll supply the direct link there.

It's hard for me to accurately relate how I'm feeling right, having a dream of finally writing and publishing a full length novel. But those who've already been here with their first writing endeavor know precisely how I feel.



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A major event yesterday morning in regards to my debut novel, I Kissed a Ghost, I approved one of the second of two covers. In additional to doing this I also:

1 - Submitted the text [BIO / SYNOPSIS ] for the back cover.

2 - Submitted the interior title /copyright/dedication and acknowledgements pages.

3 - Finally submitted the text for the novel itself after a lot a tweaking to make sure each page looked the way I wanted it to, including the headers for each page [odd numbered and even numbered pages]

What this means is by the end of this week, if all goes well, I should received a PDF.file for my entire book. And once I review this file and give my approval I then will be able to get a PROOF COPY of my book—a copy where I can inhale the luscious aroma of the ink on its freshly printed pages. Making sure this copy is the way I want my book to make its’ appearance into the world, I then give my final approval, and a few days later it will be FINALLY RELEASED at long last, and I can start the hard work of trying to market/promote.

Remember. I’ve posted several UNEDITED snippets from my novel on my website/blog and my other blog sites—so you can read some of what it contains.

THANKS for being with me as I made my maiden voyage to become a published author. And be sure to stay around as I embark on writing my second novel, this time an adult Contemporary/Paranormal Romance. I might even decide to endeavor to write a third novel [another YA] as I write my second.

Please feel free to tell your friends and family about my blog here as well as my Twitter account.



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Today I finished formatting the pages of my book making sure all my margins are correct. I checked each page [two at a time] to see if the paragraph indention is correct for each paragraph. The right and left page margin are such the all sentences [except new paragraphs] go from one side of the page to the other.

I had some special formatting to do, where I had my characters chat on a computer. I did this by double-spacing between each character’s chat entry, i also intend the chats more and ended each line when it reach a certain point before the end of a regular line of text for the book. The overall look of doing this works, you can clearly see what each of the characters is chatting about.

So right now I’ve printed out the entire manuscript [2 pages at a time] so I verify how each page of my book will look when it’s finally printed. Time consuming YES, but the end product is worth it.

Once this step is completed, it’s time to format all this work as a PDF.file for submission to It is here, I’m also going to submit my bio for the book’s back cover, as well as a brieft synopsis.

Right now I’m still waiting to receive two concepts for the book’s front cover.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I should have a PROOF COPY of my book in my hands by the end of next week, with the final release of I Kissed a Ghost, a few days later.

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This past Wednesday morning [11/7] I had my first telephone conversation with the design team from CreateSpace for the front cover of my first novel. We discussed what elements I’d like to have present in the cover; since the title of my novel is I Kissed a Ghost, you can imagine what two elements will definitely be there. They advised me it would take five business days to get back to me, which will make it next Friday, November 16th.

I’m still in the process of entering the tweaks I made to my edited manuscript into Microsoft WORD, and along the way, needless to say, I made a few more. Once I’ve completed this, I plan to do a few searches for key words which hopefully will tighten up the story. These words are words which every author, especially those like myself have decided to go the self-published route, definitely needs to look for. The words I’ll be looking for is

“NOT” - contractions are used in colloquial speech so I’d need to “didn’t” instead of “did not” / “couldn’t” instead “could not” , etc.

“WAS”/”WERE” - To try to eliminate as many passive sentences as possible.

“THAT” - is very often an unnecessary word which when removed doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence, and at the same time can increase the flow of words as someone reads it. “THAT” I feel creates a mental pause in reading.

“WHICH” - making sure it hadn’t been used instead of “THAT”

And lastly, I even got to write another chapter for my still untitled contemporary paranormal romance.




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Living in NYC as you might have guessed as impacted the entire city beyond belief. The area, aside from several trees, I live in luckily didn’t suffer any severe damage. The subway system has been 80% restored already, and the rest of the city is coming back to life. Our mayor had finally decided to cancel this year’s NYC Marathon, only after pressure from local politicians, community leaders, who stated the valuable resources which would have used to oversee the running the marathon need to be put to better use serving the citizens of the city to get back to normal.

Anyway, my twitter acccount has been hacked and numerouse mass DMs have been sent out without my knowledge—blocking from sending out DMs I need to sent out. I have changed my password twice in the past week, and twitter had to reset my password as well for the second time, due to their feeling my account had been hacked.

Right now, a week has gone by since I first contacted CreateSpace to design the cover for my book and I anticipate it will take another four to five weeks for it to be completed. In the meantime I’m still in the process of entering the final changes I’ve made to a hard copy of my manuscript. It’s a good thing, as I’m still finding a few tweaks which need to be made, including a “major” error in continuity in which I had written something has happened for the first time TWICE.

As far as the status of my entering these changes are concerned, I’ve completed entering 20 Chapters out of 40 [50%] ; 127 pages out of 262 [48.5%]. In addition, I’ve also added an additional three pages with an additional 698 words. You might be asking the question of why so many words have been added, the answer is this is normal. When you’re writing your manuscript, you’re constantly seeing on a screen in front of you, when you’re hold it in your hands and manually making the changes as you read your manuscript aloud. Now that you’re entering your changes into your document program, you’re using a different set of senses. What is most interesting of all I’ve found out from even the traditionally published authors I know, that even though their book had been published for a few weeks there are change they’d have like to have made before their book got published.

I anticipate I should be finished this phase [entering my changes into WORD] by Tuesday or Wednesday. Once this is completed I can return to writing my next still untitled novel, an adult Contemporary Paranormal Romance, where I’ve already written 8 Chapters consisting 82 pages with approximately 18,600 words.