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This week Lillie McFerrin gave us the prompt of “MARRIAGE” on her website []; and as I down this morning to think about what I should write about, the thought of simply posting a small snippet of my W.I.P came to me.

I’m now over 90% completed writing my adult Contemporary romance with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline entitled “His Darkest Secret.”

In this snippet Jessica is sitting in the huge leather chair in her office/den as she quietly holds the old picture of Bill on first day on the job as a volunteer firefighter, wearing his jacket and helmet. She closes her eyes while holding the picture next to her heart, falls asleep, and begins to dream of what her life would have been like if Bill hadn’t died in the tragic fire on Oak Street. She remained sleeping in her chair until six o’clock when Gloria came in to wake her for dinner.



I know I’m marrying Warren tomorrow, but I so wish it would have been you such a long time ago.

I don’t know how you’ve done it but you’ve kept the promise you made to me the day you died about always being there for me, especially when I’d need it the most.

I still can’t believe it, but it’s incredible there have been so many similarities regarding the three of us, especially the coincidence of Warren having used the same song for his wedding with Linda; that we’d decided to use for ours.

I also know your spirit will be there with me tomorrow, watching as I walk down the white aisle to be married to the wonderful guy you sent me to be your substitute. As I sit here, thinking about all this, I sense you’re be sending me another one of your mysterious letters which always proceeds some important event in my life, and what event could be more important in my life than my wedding day.

My first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel is entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” Available on Amazon. Here are the links for the KINDLE Edition





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It's been almost two-and-a-half months since I've written anything for my second romance novel, an adult Contemporary with a paranormal element running through most of the storyline, which has the working title of “His Darkest Secret.” It has reached a point where I’ve become totally frustrated not being able to think of anything to write to move my manuscript to completion. I know precisely what to write for the last chapter, a chapter where things are wrapped including the reveal of the dark secret Bill had hidden from Jessica.

With nothing else to do, I decided to clean out some of the old files I have on WORD. I wound up deleting about 40 items I no longer needed, and moved another 25 into new file folders. And in the process of doing this I found a LONG FORGOTTEN file [from July 2007] consisting of a single page which I’d planned to be another Contemporary romance novel but have never gone back to it. Since reactivating this file this past Wednesday, I’ve written about 2,500 words [including a rewrite of the single page I had found]. My plan for this endeavor is to have it be a novella with approximately 35,000 words, and right now I’m giving it a working title of “It Had All Been a Game.”

The stats for “His Darkest Secret” are: 34 Chapters with 234 pages and approximately 68,400 words. I’d love to complete this manuscript by mid-summer, if not sooner. In regards to “It Had All Been a Game,” writing about only 500 words a day, I could be able to complete this endeavor by the middle of May.





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Just a quick note:

My inability to write anything further is developing into a definite dry period in which not an ounce of movement can be seen on the horizon to write the next word. Anyway in the meantime I've gotten five flash fiction submissions accepted for an anthology whose theme is HIV/AIDS. Most of the submissions have been rewrites of previous FSF endeavors, and one which I'd originally written with the prompt word of "ALONE", the word has now been used as the prompt word by Lillie McFerrin for her Five Sentence Fiction blog site.


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My worst fears have materialized. After writing 21 chapters, 140 formatted 6″ x 9″ single-spaced pages, and about 40,700 words in about 20 days during November, my mind is blank on what to write next. However, I did write about 750 words / 3 pages for part of a scene in which Jessica and Warren are discussing something related to her dream house for abused women and their children.

If anyone has read any of my Five Sentence Fiction posts, you’d know by now I loved to do them. So in the interim, I’ll be posting about three or four retro responses for the Lillie McFerrin’s prompt words I’ve missed prior to my following her site. []. I’d love to hear everyone’s response to what I’ve written, and I’d like invite everyone to consider following her site for the wonderful writing exercise her prompts gives each week. You might be able to attract some new followers for your own sites,



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It’s been four days since I last wrote an update. Well here’s up I’ve been up to since then.

On Friday, aside from personal errands and having lunch at the senior center [guess I’m that old], I spent the entire day marketing my 99cent promotion on KINDLE which ended on Saturday at 11 PM [PT].

I now have three flash fiction submissions accepted for an anthology which is due out next year. And given their length, I’ve been asked to submit some more. It’s a great a way to get some additional exposure.

On Saturday, my OH and I watched “Monsters University” on a DVD from NetFlix. Yes we both still enjoy watching animation films.

As far as my writing is concerned on

Saturday 11/23 I wrote seven pages with approximately 2,300 words.

Sunday 11/24 I wrote six pages with approximately 1,600 words.

Monday 11/25 I wrote two chapters, consisting of nine pages and four pages with approximately 2,900 and 1,100 words respectively.

Given I’ve written 20 chapters, 136 pages and approximately 39,700 since the beginning of November, while I fear the steam has run out for my ability to write at the same rate anymore, I’ll still endeavor to reach 50,000 words by the end of this month.

My Total Count Now Stands AT:

Chapters = 34

Pages = 234

Words = 68,367





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I did so much to do a post here yesterday to report my activities and status report, which is the same for Wednesday regarding that day’s activities. However I’ve been swamped with promoting my 99cent promotion on KINDLE for “I Kissed a Ghost” which ends this Saturday @ 11 PM [PT] [GMT/UT].

On Wednesday, as you read from my post I “got interviewed” by Nicky Wells on her award winning blog site which meant promoting it on Twitter and elsewhere.

I did some more promoting of my Five Sentence Fiction endeavor for the prompt of “LETTERS” which dedicated to OUR VETERANS for which I’m getting quite a few personal message, with each needing to be personally answered.

And I had to spend a few hours taking care of personal matters.

On Thursday, I had been more of the same. And in addition I wrote my response to this week’s prompt of “PIECES” from Lillie McFerrin.

Some good news, I’d been invited to write a short story for an anthology which is due to come out next year. I first submitted my idea for one of the topics of the anthology, and it got accepted. Once I received this acceptance I did a rewrite of my FSF response so it would be appropriate for use on the topic of AIDS/HIV, and submitted it. I’m HAPPY to report my submission got accepted, albeit she actually wanted to have a short story. [But isn’t Flash Fiction a short story ]which has a great deal of “brevity”]

As far as my status is concerned:

On Wednesday I wrote nine pages with about 2,650 words. On Thursday I wrote five pages consisting of approximately 1,350 words. I originally had planned for Chapter 30 to be a few pages longer, however I saw an opportunity to have a chapter break where I left off with my writing

My Total Count Now Stands AT:

Chapters = 30

Pages = 208

Words = 60,400

I’m using the NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month guidelines; which requires an author to write a minimum of 50,000 words in a month as my motivation. And as of yesterday, I’ve written approximately 32,800 words, making the target figure quite attainable.



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I’m going to be brief about yesterday.

A good part of the part I’d been busy promoting the 99cents promotion I’ve got running for “I Kissed a Ghost” which ends this Saturday at

[UK] 11:00 PM [GMT/UT]

[US] 11:00 PM [PST]

I also did some promoting of my Five Sentence Fiction endeavor for the prompt of “LETTERS” which dedicated to OUR VETERANS.

And most important I kept my one chapter a day commitment by writing an additional seven pages with approximately 2,040 words

My Total Count Now Stands AT:

Chapters = 28

Pages = 194

Words = 56,402



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Despite the face I’d been busy during the morning and afternoon yesterday, as well as having to attend a four hour community after dinner, I still managed to write my chapter for the day consisting of seven pages and approximately 2,000 words.

I’ve also received several wonderful comments for my latest “Five Sentence Fiction” for the word “LETTERS,” and if you haven’t done so already, I’d like to invite you to read it now and hopefully decide to leabe me a comment.

My Total Count Now Stands At:

Chapters = 27    Pages = 187    Words = 54,360



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For this past Friday and Saturday I’d once again failed to write the chapter a day I’d promised myself to write for the month of November. It isn’t that I didn’t want to; I got side-tracked interacting with people regarding the post I’d made this Thursday [Nov 14th] for my Five Sentence Fiction endeavor regarding the word “LETTERS,” which has made quite an impact on those who’ve read it. And given this, I spent several hours working the social media letting people know about this.

On these two days I also had to prepare for the marketing of my $.99 cent celebratory promotion for the KINDLE edition of “I Kissed a Ghost” [see my previous blog entry.] I’d love for everyone to consider getting a copy during this promotion which ends this Saturday, November 23th at 11:00 PM [UT/GMT for the UK and PT for the US]

The good side of all this social media interaction, yesterday my Klout score had gone up 1.09 points to my new high score of 63 [63.24]. It’s about 6:00 AM [ET], my new Klout score hasn’t been determined yet, however I see a strong possibility of it hitting 64 today.

Well yesterday, it had been more of the same for most of the day; that is until the later portion of the day when it became time go out for dinner [we chose OutBack Steakhouse] to celebrate my OH’s birthday.

Anyway, to make a long story short when we got home I was determined to write my chapter for the day, which I did. Although it only contains seven pages and about 2,250 words, this chapter which is part of a back flash, is chockfull of emotions, which I found to be quite difficult to write since I wanted to make the future readers of this Contemporary romance novel will feel the same emotions as my character.

Right now my Total Manuscript Count stands at:

Chapters = 26                                                             Pages = 180                                                                       Words = 52,358



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My prediction came true again concerning my inability to keep to my commitment to write a chapter a day. Monday had been the last day for my OH to be with me for the entire day, so we spent the day getting our hair cut and dyed. Yes, we both dye our hair; how else will we be able to look a little younger than we are. After taking care of our hair we went to have some Baked Eggplant Parmesan, fried is out due to our diets.

Tuesday became a day in which I spent a great deal going through the hundreds of emails I hadn’t had a chance to read. I also had to take care of the backlog of posts needing to be approved as well as the requests to join the three LinkedIn groups I own. If this wasn’t enough I also had to deal all the requests to follow on Twitter, the requests to become my friend on FaceBook, as well the confirmations of the friend request I made; each of these had to be answered individually.

Yesterday, Wednesday, had a day full of prior commitments, from my monthly meeting of the retiree club for the union I once belong to [9 AM to 4 PM including the time using public transportation] and an important community meeting [6:30 PM to 10 PM]; I wound up with no time to write a single word.

Luckily a sense of normalcy has begun to return today. I cleaned up all of my emails and items related to my presence on the internet. I then responded to Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word of “LETTERS” to this week Five Sentence Fiction. Of course I had to watch two episodes of Season Three of StarTrek: Enterprise streaming on NetFlix to catch up with the entertainment I’ve missed during this same period of time.

As the final hours of Thursday approached I finally sat down and wrote my one chapter daily commitment, this one consisted of five pages and approximately 1,100 words.

My Total ManuScript Count now stands at:

Chapters = 25                                                              Pages = 172                                                                   Words = 50,096