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Sorry for the lack of a status report for these past two weeks, I’ve been going through a lot, but things are a LOT BETTER NOW. To begin with, I’m glad my wonderful OH is out of the hospital and now is a REHAB facility which is about 2 miles from where we live instead of a little more than a half-hour away [mostly parkway driving].


I took a few days off from reading/reviewing books so I can just relaxed after coming home from the hospital until my OH got transferred after I’d left on Thursday. With more time available, not having to travel I’d read/reviewed three books over the weekend, luckily this had included one children’s book, and a short novel; with this done I’ve whittled the number of books I have in my possession to read/review down to two, with three more on the way.


With my backlog of books needing to be reviewed down to a manageable level, I’ve decided to return to my writing endeavors. The first endeavor I’ll be working on is going to be my MG/YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well.” Hopefully, I’ll be able to type the elusive final period by the end of the month.


And then I’ll love to finish writing my Contemporary Romance novel entitled, “His Darkest Secret.”


I’d love to THANK everyone who has contacted privately with your kind words of support these past seven weeks, it’s meant a lot to me. Please visit my profile on Amazon and check out the books I’ve reviewed, you might find something to read.


I’d also love for you to check out my two books either for yourself or as a gift for the young girl in your family, remember summer is here and it’s a great time to read a book.



THANKS AGAIN and have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)



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I received an e-book copy of this book from the author through an internet giveaway and the following is my honest opinion. Please note, the author has used British English in the writing which will reflect in the spelling of certain words and terminology being used.

While the author warns readers her book that despite the age of her two main characters [their 17 years old], twins Shaun and Sarah Gallows, is that a not YA novel; I feel it might qualify as still being appropriate for the upper range for a NA [New Adult] novel.

These twins, although they’re demon trackers, a job they’re paid to do by the village by their council, they’re different as night and day. While Shaun wants to forget about the powers he has, his sister Sarah embraces them fully.

This difference comes into play when they’re confronted with another demon tracker their age, Melissa Carling, who’s abusing her powers by going after those with super-natural powers who have done nothing wrong. Sarah wants to give her what’s coming to her, but, Shaun become infatuated with her the moment he sees her in a way he has never done before with a girl his age.

If you’re into fantasy and its creature, than this book should please you as it has: demons, fairies, vampires, werewolves and for good measure, witches.

The bad thing about being a Book Reviewer is not really being able to have the luxury to continue reading the next book in the series once you’ve found one which has piqued your interest. This is why, I’m happy to give Ms. Stevenson 5 STARS for the first volume of her Gallows novel series of books.





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I know it’s been a while since I did my last status report, March 30th to be precise. Since then I’ve posted four more book reviews which I’d posted on Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing and Shelfari. The thing is I still have two more which I didn’t post.


The reason for this is somewhat personal; my wonderful OH had been in the hospital for about two weeks then with a non-life-threatening condition. And my OH is still there. Aside from running back and forth to the hospital particularly every day, I’ve occupied my time by reading/reviewing six books so far since April 7th. However I haven’t posted my reviews on the four sites listed above until today with the notes I took as I read each. And I’ll be posting the reviews I haven’t posted here as of yet through the rest of today.


On the bright, I’m quite pleased with my Amazon Reviewer Ranking for the 112 books I’d reviewed prior to today which is currently below 9,300, and I’d briefly dipped below 9,000 for a very brief period of time.


Hopefully, things will return to normal soon and I can return to the sites I used to visit on a daily basis.


I know your thoughts are with me and I truly appreciate them, so please don’t post any responses to this here.


THANKS and have a GREAT WEEK with whatever do you. !!! :-) :-) :-)



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The good thing is, this week I’m able to post my Weekly Status Report on a timely basis; the sad thing is my OH is still in the hospital so please DON’T ASK me anything about it as it is quite depressing for me to think about it.


The books I’m winning from the giveaways I’ve entered and won are still coming in with 6 books by 5 authors yet to be received, plus 2 e-books yet to be download to the KINDLE App on my computer.


For those who are keeping tabs, having brought my participation down on LinkedIn to the 3 groups I OWN, the 2 that I MANAGED, and the 3 Romance groups I belong to, I’ve been able to read and review an impressive total of 6 books on Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing and Shelfari, plus my 3 personal sites since my last report.


Another wonderful thing which has taken away my thoughts concerning my OH is my dream of becoming one of the TOP 10,000 reviewers on Amazon has finally been fulfilled with a current ranking of 9,722. My next dream is to hit 5,000 where I will receive a badge on my profile.


At the present time I’ve got a total of 8 books in my possession to read/review. Hopefully, with my cutting back on the number of giveaways I entering, I can be up to date with my reviews in about three weeks.


Don’t worry, I’m still planning to resume writing my WIPs, but I’m not sure when it will be now.


So THANKS for your kind support. I know your thoughts are with me.



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With the time-consuming craziness which has occupied my life for the past several weeks finally to subsiding, I now have my OH hospitalized with a non-life threatening condition I’m now beginning to feel mentally and emotionally frazzled.


With this aside, I’d started to make progress with the books I’m reviewing. Right now I’ve got 6 reviews I still need to post here. I’ve got 6 books in my possession which I’m currently in the process of reading/reviewing.


However, the dam has burst with my having won an almost incredible amount of books in the past 10 days. I won 3 books [2 real and 1 e-book] from one giveaway; and from one massive giveaway consisting of 13 giveaways I won 6 with a total of 10 days [and swags] and 2 from yet an anniversary giveaway in two weeks.


With the 15 books I’ve won in the above, with many of them being signed and about 2 e-books, I’ll be holding back on the number of giveaways I’ll be entering for a while, until I got only a small handful of books left to do.


Meanwhile, my Amazon Reviewer Ranking as I write this post is at 10,420, my best ranking yet. This ranking changes every two days, and my dream of being one of the top ten reviewers is in reach as I just need a small handful of readers saying YES to my reviews.


I’ve also decided to reduce my involvement in the groups I belong to on LinkedIn as I don’t really participate in most of them and only concentrate on the ones I own and the ones associated with the genres I’m writing in.


My writing endeavors are still on hold until I see people buying one of my two books.



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The chaos in my life is beginning to subside.




I've finally been able to clear up threes area of my internet life.




I've only read/reviewed one book since my last post and have only posted it on Amazon so far. While I taking about Amazon I'm amazed at my current Amazon Reviewer Ranking. Here's the link to my Amazon profile



Check out the reviews I've written while you're there, perhaps there might be one you might want to buy for yourself or as a gift.


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With all the craziness going on in my life, one thing happening after another I’ve been unable to do more than 85% of the things I usually do.


In the last 2 ½ weeks I’ve haven’t really followed anyone back, nor have I tweeted any new followers. I haven’t liked anyone when I’ve been asked. The same thing is true in other areas of my usual routine.


I did somehow manage to read/review 4 books and a box set of 5 relatively short books and post them on the same four internet set sites.


I’ve now finally found a little time in this lull of craziness to post this status report as well as the 5 books I’ve reviewed which I’m hoping to now. I hope you will enjoy reading them.


I hope this craziness will end SOON, as I don’t know how much this I can still take.


As far as my writing endeavors are concerned nothing has gotten done since the last time I wrote about them.



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I’m going to be EXTREMELY brief this week.


It’s been quite busy for me these past two weeks which is why I haven’t posted anything despite the fact I’ve read/reviewed 7 books and had posted my reviews on:


Now with all the personal issues I’ve had to deal with gone, the backlogs which had accumulated as well things are really getting back to normal. To finalize this process I’ll be posting my reviews as the day progresses.


Also, I hope to get back to ALL of my writing endeavors, and my other regular posts.



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I can’t believe I actually missed posting my Weekly Status Report last week. After posting my 15th and 16th book review here, I wrote about how I go about selecting the books I review and giving the only site I select books from to read/review. I so wanted to write more about my status, however, that Tuesday, I discovered all of the reviews I’d posted since last August had disappeared along with the helpful YESes they’d received. Luckily I had the foresight to back-up my reviews as well as the titles I’d created for each of them.


It took me a day to get all of my reviews restored and for me to begin the long process of notifying each of the authors whose reviews I’ve written about this incident.


With lackluster sales of my two books, I see no reason to move forward on my current writing endeavors; leaving me with just reviewing books as my basic routine each day.


Right now I’ve got a backlog of FIVE reviews to post here on my blog and to notify the authors involved it has been done, keeping the promise I’d made when I told them I’ve reviewed their books and the four sites it can be found.


THANKS for staying with me as a follower.


Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! :-) :-) :-)


BOOK REVIEW 2015-015 - THE SEXTAPE - A Dedication to the Ladies

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I received a signed copy of this book in connection with a giveaway on GoodReads, and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

As a Book Reviewer I’m willing to venture out and basically read any genre. However, this time I got way, way over my head as I personally found the book to be too “hot.”

To begin with, the author is not lying when he forewarns potential readers regarding the sexually explicit content contained in the book as part beginning of the book’s description.

The author’s writing is so explicit that almost nothing is left out as for any potential reader to image. The language is most definitely crude, as are the physical interactions between its characters. While a purist might say the dialogue is full of errors at places, the reality is the dialogue is REAL given the characters involved.

The problems which exist for the book can easily be corrected, without changing a single nuance of the book itself. In separating the book into its separate components, the author uses the word “Scene,” which gives the impression the book contains a single story when it doesn’t. A better word would have been “Act” as she component is a separate short story.

Unfortunately, all the females in the book appeared to have been created from the same mold, as there is no apparent differences between each one; which is probably caused by the male POV the story has essentially been written in.

While the simplified double-spaced font was easy on the eyes, the lack of indentations made it difficult at times to distinguished one paragraph from another.

When I consider this book in its entirety; and allowing for the rounding convention for 3.5, I’m giving this book 4 STARS.