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Marketing your book(s) online is not only a very arduous and time consuming, it's also very limited in the audience you can reach.  We as authors are constantly on the look for new ideas and places where we can get our presence and that of our book(s) known.  To this end I'd like to share a link I found a post which had been made by Laura Pepper in one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to.


 In my response to the post I made several additional suggesstions

 - Sell your book at flea markets. Depending on what state you live in, it might required you to collate sales tax, which in turn would require you to get a tax ID #. To make it easier on you, and to cut out the need to have loose change, you raise the price of your book to the next whole dollar, divide thisnumber by the tax rate [1.0xxx] this is your new selling price. When you add the tax back in by multiplying new price by the rate rate [1.0xxx] you get back to the number you started with.
which is what I will be doing when my book is officiately out.

- Go to libraries and offer to do a book signing where you will be donating a portion of each sale to
the library. [This will also give you media attention in the local newspapers.]

- Depending on the topic of your book seek out 501c3 charties in your area and offering to do a
book signing there with an offer to make a donaton there. Both this idea and the one above
should also give you a tax deduction.

- While we’re discussing media attention, contact your local community newspaper to get them to
do an article about a local resident becoming an author.


In additon, I'm also a member of a LinkedIn group which deal with this same issue, "New Authors Need Marketing Ideas"

If I hear/find any additional ideas I will post here,

As promised here are some other ideas / websites you can try. [8/25/2012]

- Offer to speak to organizations which deal with the topic of your book if possible.

- Contact your local radio or cable station to see if they would be interested in interviewing you.

- Enter writing contests. If you win, you can use this fact to help market your book [and yourself as an author]




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